Current Team

Post-Doctoral Collaboration

Name Research Topic Supervisor(s)

Doctoral Students

Name Research Topic Supervisor(s)
Vanessa Bateman Engineering geology for grouting of karstic foundations Diederichs, Hutchinson
Paul-Mark DiFrancesco Development of physics engine workflows and tools for complex slope process models Hutchinson
Evan Dressel Delineating seismic hazard based on incremental stress-strain response in seismogenic volumes Diederichs
Ioannis Farmakis Segmentation of point clouds for slope stability assessment Hutchinson, Vlachopoulos
Caitlin Fischer Observational design for stress-driven rock response in jointed ground Diederichs
Steven Gaines Brittle damage assessment and impacts on hydromechanical behaviour Diederichs
Fedilberto Gonzalez Displacement-based support design for rockburst conditions Diederichs
Simone Markus Hydromechanical coupling for excavations in jointed rock Diederichs
Timothy Packulak Strength and deformation of foliated rocks Diederichs, Day

Master's Students

Name Research Topic Supervisor(s)
Ethan Malicki FDEM modelling of foliated rocks Day, Diederichs
Emanuel Castillo Cardona UAV-based Photogrammetry analysis of White Canyon Hutchinson, Day
Erin Dowling Stratigraphic control on geohazards at Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park Day, Steel
Émélie Gagnon The role of calcite in vein geomechanics Day
William Hoyle Impact of testing configuration on shear strength parameters Day, Diederichs
Amanda Hyslop Shoreline geomechanics and risk of sea stacks and shore stacks Day
Ruairidh MacPhail Video analysis for rockfall fragmentation simulation parameters Hutchinson
Mark McDonald Reconciling output from static rock testing with acoustic properties Diederichs
Zach Nuhring Calibration of physics engine models for rockfall simulation Hutchinson, Harrap
Jack Park Systems-level geohazard risk assessment in southwestern British Columbia Hutchinson
Camila Troncoso Klein Analysis of Dutchman's Ridge Landslide Geological Model and stability Hutchinson

Undergraduate Students

Name Research Topic Supervisor(s)
Cassidy Teodoro-Neville Geological influences on rock performance Day