Post-Doctoral Collaboration

Name Research Topic Supervisor(s) Year Completed
David Bonneau Monitoring and modelling of rockslope processes with point clouds and video game engines Hutchinson 2022
Carla Carrapotosso Ground support optimization based in physical laboratory testing and numerical modelling Vlachopoulos 2020
Behrad Madjdabadi Advanced rock mechanics testing Diederichs 2017
Ehsan Ghazvinian Rock testing for rate/scale effects Diederichs 2015
Dave Gauthier Stability monitoring using remote sensing techniques Hutchinson 2015
Bryan Tatone Simulating rock-reinforcement interaction using advanced numerical methods Vlachopoulos, Diederichs 2015
David Elwood Tunnel/Shaft EDZ in shales Diederichs 2014
Carlos Carranza-Torres Slope DEM and tunnel liner design Diederichs 2006
Dave Love Characterization of porphyry deposits Diederichs 2004
Sangi Hwang Geological structure and 3D interpolation Diederichs, Hutchinson 2003

Doctoral Students

Name Thesis Supervisor(s) Year Completed
Ya Su Numerical analysis associated with optimization of support within tunnelling in weak ground (visiting student, China) Vlachopoulos, Diederichs 2022
David Bonneau Applications of remote sensing for characterizing debris transfer processes Hutchinson 2021
Jonathan Aubertin Characterization of Rock Salt Response to Blasting using Terrestrial Laser Scanning Technology Hutchinson, Diederichs 2020
Neda Dadashzadeh Reliability of Stress Induced Damage Predictions in Hard Rocks With Continuum and Discontinuum Numerical Modelling Approaches Diederichs 2020
Bradley Forbes High spatial resolution measurement of tendon reinforcement in underground construction works Vlachopoulos, Diederichs 2019
Daniela G. G. de Oliviera EPB Excavation and Conditioning of Cohesive Mixed Soils: Clogging and Flow Evaluation Diederichs 2018
Ioannis Vazaios Modelling of Hard Rockmasses with Non-Persistent Joints to Assess the Stress Induced Damage of Deep Excavations Vlachopoulos, Diederichs 2018
Kiarash Farahmand Characterization of Rockmass Properties and Excavation Damage Zone (EDZ) Using A Synthetic Rock Mass (SRM) Approach Diederichs 2017
Ryan Kromer Identifying and Monitoring Rockfall Precursors Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Improved Rockfall Hazard Management Hutchinson 2017
Chrysothemis Paraskevopoulou Time-dependency of Rocks and Implications Associated with Tunnelling Diederichs 2016
Jennifer J. Day The influence of healed intrablock rockmass structure on the behaviour of deep excavations in complex rockmasses Diederichs, Hutchinson 2016
Jeffrey Oke Determination of Nomenclature, Mechanistic Behaviour, and Numerical Modelling Optimization of Umbrella Arch Systems Vlachopoulos, Diederichs 2016
Ehsan Ghazvinian Fracture Initiation and Propagation in Low Porosity Crystalline Rocks: Implications for Excavation Damage Zone (EDZ) Mechanics Diederichs 2015
Gabriel Walton Improving Continuum Models for Excavations in Rockmasses Under High Stress Through an Enhanced Understanding of Post-Yield Dilatancy Diederichs 2014
Matthew Perras Understanding and predicting excavation damage in sedimentary rocks: A continuum based approach Diederichs 2014
Connor Langford Application of reliability methods to the design of underground structures Diederichs, Vlachopoulos 2013
Kathy Kalenchuk Multi-Dimensional Analysis of Large, Complex Slope Instability Diederichs, Hutchinson 2010
Matthew Lato Geotechnical Applications of LiDAR Pertaining to Geomechanical Evaluation and Hazard Identification Hutchinson 2010
Nicholas Vlachopoulos Back Analysis of a Tunnelling Case Study in Weak Rock of the Alpine System in Northern Greece: Validation and Optimization of Design Analysis Based on Ground Characterization and Numerical Simulation Diederichs 2009
Peter Quinn Large Landslides in Sensitive Clay in Eastern Canada and the Associated Hazard and Risk to Linear Infrastructure Hutchinson, Diederichs, Rowe 2009
Marlène Villeneuve Examination of Geological Influence on Machine Excavation of Highly Stressed Tunnels in Massive Hard Rock Diederichs 2008

Master's Students

Name Thesis Supervisor(s) Year Completed
Liam Kelly Comparison of Informed and Un-Informed Shear Strength Reduction Procedures for Finite Element Method Slope Stability Analysis Hutchinson, Diederichs 2023
Gisèle Rudderham Geomechanics of hydrothermal veins: Insights from laboratory direct shear and numerical triaxial experiments Day 2022
Madison Kennedy Poroelastic Calibration for Hydromechanically Coupled Numerical Discontinuum Models with Application in Low Permeability Hard Rock Diederichs 2022
Nicholas R. MacDonald A Critical Laboratory Investigation of Multi-Stage Direct Shear Testing Procedures on Rock Joints Using Synthetic Replica Specimens Day, Diederichs 2022
Evan Dressel Improving rock pillar stability guidelines through detailed numerical investigation Diederichs 2022
Ryan Moore Quantification and clustering of microcrack tensor invariants Diederichs 2022
Sterling Mitchell An assessment of rockfall triggers and seasonal weather trends through an examination of railway slope management procedures Hutchinson 2021
Paul-Mark DiFrancesco Digital rockfall databases: Developing best practices for semi-automatic extraction of rockfall from LiDAR Hutchinson 2021
Capt Kieran Moore The effects of rib spacing and grout annulus on the geomechanical response of axially loaded fully grouted rock bolts utilizing distributed fiber optical technology Vlachopoulos 2021
Jamie Innocente Time-Dependency and Long-Term Strength of Rocks - Limitations, Interpretation, and Application in Finite Difference Continuum Models Diederichs, Paraskevopoulou 2021
Kurri Reich The Application of Structure from Motion Photogrammetry to the Ontario Rockfall Hazard Rating System (RHRON) Hutchinson 2021
Shawn Hegger The Application of Distributed Optical Sensing to Measure the Full-Field Strain Response of Uniaxial Compression Test Specimens Diederichs, Vlachopoulos 2021
Capt Tyler O'Connor The geomechanical response of axially loaded fully grouted rock bolts utilizing distributed fiber optic technology Vlachopoulos, Diederichs 2020
Matthew Clark Geomechanics and Mineralogical Characterization of Intact Heterogeneous Rocks from the Legacy Skarn Deposit Day 2020
Alex Graham Assessment of Rockfall Deformation and Related Geometric Characteristics via Terrestrial Laser Scanning Hutchinson 2020
Simone Markus A Stepwise Approach to Verification of the Combined Finite-Discrete Element Method for Modelling Instability Around Tunnels in Brittle Rock Diederichs 2019
Mariem Tahra Ahmed Labeid Improvement of Laboratory Protocols for Discontinuity Geomechanical Characterization and Investigation of the Effect of Saturation on Granite Strength Diederichs, Day 2019
Timothy Packulak Laboratory Investigation of Shear Behaviour in Rock Joints Under Varying Boundary Conditions Diederichs, Day 2018
Richard Carter Identifying rockfall hazards in the Fraser Canyon, British Columbia: a semi-automated approach to the classification and assessment of topographic information from airborne LiDAR and orthoimagery Hutchinson 2018
Zac Sala Game-Engine Based Rockfall Modelling: Testing and Application of a New Rockfall Simulation Tool Hutchinson 2018
Melissa Ruel (MAGS) A Deep Seated Landslide in the Assiniboine River Valley of Manitoba Hutchinson 2018
Natalie Blacklock Laboratory Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Logging for Determination of Elastic Properties from Rock Core Diederichs 2018
Emily Rowe An Examination of Structural Constraints on Rockfall Behaviour using LiDAR Data Hutchinson 2017
Eric Jaczkowski Laboratory Strength Testing of Argillaceous Limestone Under Varying Saturation, Scale, Loading Rate, and Confinement Conditions Diederichs 2017
Second Lieutenant Daniel Cruz The geomechanical response of axially loaded fully grouted rock bolts utilizing fiber optics technology Vlachopoulos, Diederichs 2017
Capt Stephen Holt Determination and influence of shear strength parameters of material interfaces associated with ground support systems Vlachopoulos, Diederichs 2017
Michael D'Souza (MAGS) Tunnel and shaft damage prediction tools Diederichs 2017
Sarah Cain A Continuum Modelling Study of Macro-Geometry choices and Their Impact on Excavation Damage Zone Development in Brittle Rock at Depth Diederichs 2017
Angus MacPhail (MAGS) Analysis of the Feasibility and Applications of High-Speed, Mobile Photogrammetry for Long Term Monitoring of Highway Rock Cuts Hutchinson 2017
Andrew Leriche Stress Estimation From Borehole Scans For Prediction Of Excavation Overbreak In Brittle Rock Diederichs 2017
Kevin Azocar Investigating the mesh dependency and upscaling of 3D grain-based models for the simulation of brittle fracture processes in low-porosity crystalline rock Diederichs 2017
Deepi Mand (MAGS) Risks Posed by Landslide Induced Impulse Waves and Best Practices Used to Characterize and Predict Wave Runup Hutchinson 2017
Michelle Pitts Thermal Properties of the Cobourg Limestone Diederichs 2017
Felipe Duran Del Valle A Numerical Investigation of Stress Path and Rock Mass Damage in Open Pits Diederichs 2017
Matthew Ondercin An Exploration of Rockfall Modelling through Game Engines Hutchinson 2016
Megan van Veen Building a Rockfall Database Using Remote Sensing: Techniques for Hazard Management in Canadian Rail Corridors Hutchinson 2016
Shaun O'Connor Geological models and their influence on geotechnical investigation Diederichs 2015
Brad Forbes The application of distributed optical sensing for monitoring support in underground excavations Vlachopoulos, Diederichs 2015
Michelle van der Pouw Kraan Rockmass Behavioural Uncertainty: Implications for Hard Rock Geotechnical Baseline Reports Diederichs 2014
Cortney Palleske A study of biases, assumptions and practical considerations for the use of discrete fracture networks in geomechanical practice Diederichs, Hutchinson 2014
Steven Gaines In Situ Stress Estimation Methods and the Integration of Numerical Modelling for Stress Reconstruction and Future Stress Evolution Diederichs 2013
Anna Crockford Shallow Urban Tunnelling Through Heterogeneous Rockmasses: Practical Experience From Small Scale Tunnels in Calgary, Alberta and the Influence of Rockmass Layering on Excavation Stability and Support Design Diederichs 2012
Danielle Delaloye Development of a New Methodology for Measuring Deformation in Tunnels and Shafts With Terrestrial Laser Scanning (LiDAR) Using Elliptical Fitting Algorithms Diederichs, Hutchinson 2012
Colin D. Hume Numerical Validation and Refinement of Empirical Rock Mass Modulus Estimation Diederichs 2011
Brennan Bailey Investigation Into the Source and Progression of Railway Track Ballast Layer Fouling Material for the CN Joliette, QC Subdivision Hutchinson 2011
Laura C. Branscombe Analysis of Tunnel Liner Response in Squeezing Heterogeneous Rockmasses Diederichs 2011
Ehsan Ghazvinian Modelling and Testing Strategies for Brittle Fracture Simulation in Crystalline Rock Samples Diederichs 2010
Stephanie Fekete Geotechnical Applications of LiDAR for Geomechanical Characterization in Drill and Blast Tunnels and Representative 3-Dimensional Discontinuum Modelling Diederichs 2010
Stephen Dunlop Rockslides in a Changing Climate: Establishing Relationships Between Meteorological Conditions and Rockslides in Southwestern Norway for the Purposes of Developing a Hazard Forecast System Hutchinson, Diederichs 2010
Matthew Perras Tunnelling in horizontally laminated ground: The influence of lamination thickness on anisotropic behaviour and practical observations from the Niagara Tunnel Project Diederichs 2009
Maureen White Geologic Controls on Instability in WWI Excavations, Canadian National Memorial Site, Vimy, France Hutchinson, Diederichs 2008
Kathy Kalenchuk Block characterization and mining dilution Diederichs 2006


Name Research Topic Supervisor(s) Year
S.K. Woodland Brazilian tensile strength laboratory testing on rock Day, Diederichs, Hutchinson 2022-23
M.-H. Lapointe Variability of sea stack characteristics at Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park Day 2022-23
W. Hoyle Failure analysis of the September 5, 2021 rockfall near Bear Rock Formation at Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park Day 2021-22
T. Yates Cultural perspectives on sea stacks: investigating human values and safety risks in a tourism context Day, Hauser (PSYC) 2021-22
E. Dowling Geochemistry of quartz veins from Mispec Bay area, Saint John, New Brunswick Day, Spencer 2021-22
S. Koch Hands on tools for geological engineering education Hutchinson, Day 2021
D. Privé NSERC USRA: Global trends of sea stack geology and geomorphology Day 2020
R. Burns Optimizing automated feature extraction from integrated analysis of LiDAR and Photogrammetry data Hutchinson 2020
C. Ibach Exploring game engine realizations of slope process simulations Hutchinson 2020
R. Burns Assessing rockfall patterns on Nlaka hill using remotely sensed data Hutchinson 2019
R. MacPhail Developing data collection methods for assessing rockfall fragmentation mechanisms Hutchinson 2019
A. Mihalova Rockfall database development from remotely sensed data Hutchinson 2019
P.-M. DiFrancesco Weather triggers for rock slope instability Hutchinson 2018
B. Shannon Developing mobile photogrammetry procedures to extract input parameters for RHRON Hutchinson 2018
M. Coombs Database development for rock slope parameter assessment and frequency-magnitude analyis Hutchinson 2018
A. Graham Database development for rock slope parameter assessment Hutchinson 2017
C. Meeks Developing UAV based techniques for photogrammetry of rock slopes for stability assessment Hutchinson 2016
A. Chyz Modelling three dimensional rockfall failure using photogrammetry models Hutchinson 2016
L. Kelly Characterizing rock slopes using remote sensing techniques Hutchinson 2016
M. Steel Characterising White Canyon rock hazards using LiDAR and Photogrammetry Hutchinson 2014
T. Macgowan Characterising White Canyon rock hazards using LiDAR and Photogrammetry Hutchinson 2013
M. Thompson Optimization of ballast testing techniques considering rock type, mineralogy, weathering and abrasion Hutchinson 2012
R. LeClerc Optimization of ballast testing techniques considering rock type, mineralogy, weathering and abrasion Hutchinson 2012
D. Gordon Development of a Terrain Analysis knowledge database Hutchinson 2010
C. Langford Development of a mining sustainability knowledge database Hutchinson 2006
T. Lardner Analysis of rockfall potential for Albreda sub-division, Canadian Class 1 railways Hutchinson 2005
T. Wasik Geomechanics mapping of large open pits Hutchinson 2007
J. Alvarez Landslide susceptibility mapping for sensitive clay Hutchinson 2007

Lab Managers and Technicians

Name Supervisor(s) Year
T. Poles Diederichs 2019
W. Dossett Diederichs 2018