Geohazards VIII Conference, Quebec

Jean Hutchinson, Jennifer Day, William Hoyle, and Jack Park from QGGG thoroughly enjoyed attending Geohazards VIII, the 8th Canadian Conference on Geotechnique and Natural Hazards, on June 12-15, 2022 at the Musée de la civilisation in Quebec City. We had many walking opportunities to immerse ourselves in the Old City, including for the Local Colour event, and several beverages and meals with colleagues and friends.

Jean Hutchinson delivered an excellent keynote presentation on “Rock Slope Monitoring – The Benefits and Challenges of Remotely Sensed Data”, emphasizing the importance of considering geology in rockfall hazard analyses. Authors of the accompanying paper are D.J. Hutchinson, D. Bonneau, and K.D. Diederichs.

William Hoyle presented his first research poster from his undergraduate research project for a paper titled “Back analysis of the September 5th, 2021 rockfall near Lover’s Arch at Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park, New Brunswick” (authors: W.R. Hoyle, J.J. Day, A. Hyslop, and K. Snair).

Finally, the technical tour in the Quebec City region took us to excellent examples of sensitive clay landslides, particularly near Saint-Luc-de-Vincennes.

Thanks to the organizers for their hard work on planning and executing this great conference!